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Peaceful Potter

Try a Little Pottery for Teens and Adults

Try a Little Pottery for Teens and Adults

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Want to try a little pottery?

Whether you only have one afternoon free, you want to try pottery before committing to a larger class, or you are obsessed with tiny adorable things... this class lets you dabble, just a little, into the world of pottery.  Classes are held the first Friday of each month from 6:30-8pm.

We will be using mini wheels to make mini pots. Centering a small amount of clay (arguably the hardest part of throwing) is so much easier than centering a large amount. Small amounts of clay are also easier on the body, making trying throwing possible for students who have various limitations to the use of their hands (check with your physicians before enrolling.)

Each student will receive 3 golf ball sized pieces of clay to attempt to make up to 3 mini pots. Successful pots will be painted with underglazes right on the wheel.

Worried that your hands might be too big to make something small? No worries! Each students has a set of tools to use to help with any hand size or ability.

We will glaze you pieces for you so they are shiny and durable. Pots will be available for pick up 3 weeks after class.

Classes take place on Friday Evening from 6:30-8pm Price is per person and is all inclusive. Adults Only.  Try a Little Pottery is available for a private party with up to 8 participants as well, just ask us how to book a private party.

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