Open Studio

Open Studio

Open Studio time is available to potters who have previous pottery experience. You must be able to work independently and safely with minimal supervision to attend.

Open Studio time is available by the month. The price includes all clay. It also includes a shelf for the items you are working on. Firing Fees are an additional charge and are charged by the cubic inch. No outside materials or items other than pottery tools may be brought into the studio for use. Any of our long time patrons who have glazes that they purchased for personal use will be allowed to use the glazes that they currently have until the current supply is finished. No new glazes may be brought in.

You may purchase a cubby for your tools and other items for an additional $25 per month. You may purchase a second shelf for your projects for an additional $50 per month.

Open Studio time is available whenever a class is not in session. If a class is in session, you are welcome to use the opposite classroom. The teacher will be unavailable for questions or assistance during class.

For your convenience, the times when both classrooms are available (when there are no structured classes) is listed below:

Mondays 4-9 pm

Tuesday 2-7 pm

Wednesday 2-7 pm

Thursday 4-7 pm

Friday 4-6 pm

Saturday 10 am-2 pm

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