Firing Fees

Here is the cost breakdown of items fired at Peaceful Potter by our in house Studio Potters. We do not fire individual pieces from outside of the studio. Kiln rentals for outside work will be available in the near future.

Firing fees apply to all work done by our studio potters and any work from our regular students that exceeds the 10 piece maximum of each class.


Rules, Limitations and Exclusions

*Items between sizes are rounded up to the larger size for pricing purposes.

A normally proportioned handle will not be charged as part of a pot's overall size.


Absolute Minimum Firing Charges:

     $2-Low Fire Glaze, or Hand Made Greenware (Cone 05-06)

     $2.50-High Fire (Cone 4-6) Glaze


High Fire Items (Cone 6) will often take longer (2+ weeks) to fire, due to their higher temperature and spacing needs.

We do not fire anything larger than 12 inches.

We do not fire anything from outside of our studio at this time.

The only addition to clay and glazes that may be fired is kanthal wire. No newspaper, glass, cold wax, styrofoam, leaves, plastic, glass, marbles, bones, etc may be left in the clay for the firing process. Inclusion of these items, which can be physically dangerous to our staff and our equipment, could result in a permanent loss of firing services or studio access without refund.

If you create an item with a lid or stacking parts and the parts have to be fired individually, they will be charged individually. if they are fired together, they can be charged together. If you need help deciding which is which, please ask our staff.

While we all love to experiment with glaze, kiln shelves are expensive and require a significant investment of time and elbow grease to correct mistakes. We ask if you are layering glazes that you make a cookie of equal or larger size to your piece to go under your piece. WE FIRE COOKIES FOR FREE and we will gladly show you how to make them. Cookies can be used time and time again to protect your work.

Any item that requires special firing instructions such as pieces being stilted or delicately balanced is an automatic $5 upcharge and will most likely also result in a longer waiting period for firing.

The studio reserves the right to, at any time, for any reason, refuse to fire any piece. 

Remember our studio is a public place where people from all different walks of life gather. We appreciate that you keep the content of your artwork sensitive to those around you. Please refrain from drug paraphernalia or excessive profanities.

***This page was created with the gracious collaboration of Dogwood Ceramics.