Covid 19 Update

As the situation with Covid 19 evolves, we strive to provide the safest possible atmosphere in our studio. We comply with CDC guidelines. Here is how we are protecting the health of all those who enter our facility:

Everyone entering the studio is required to wear a mask at all times. This means that the mask covers your nose and mouth.

No food or drink is allowed inside the studio.

Patrons are required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer prior to touching anything inside the studio. They are encouraged to wash their hands as frequently as they see fit.

Names and phone numbers are taken from all patrons for contact tracing purposes. This information will not be shared unless it is legally compelled.

Our studio has been rebuilt to accommodate social distancing requirements. Each student space provides more than 6 feet between students. Each student has their own work table and wheel.

Clay is no longer recycled in our studio. Clay is only touched by the teacher, with gloves and mask on, prior to use. At the end of class each student will put aside any left over clay they have in a sealed container for the next class.

Every student station is cleaned with pine sol between students, which is on the CDC list of cleaners that kill Covid 19.

High touch surfaces are cleaned several times a day.

Ventilation has been added to remove any potentially contaminated air from inside the studio after each class.

As the understanding and management of covid 19 changes, we will update our policy and procedures to reflect the change. We care about the comfort and well being of our students and patrons, and we will continue to strive to provide the safest possible environment while maintaining the peaceful atmosphere that has made Peace Potter the comfortable place that all of our hearts need in such troubled times.

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